UPS Ultimate Whey - 2.2kg

Ultimate Performance Supplements: Health and Fitness Protein Supplements for People with Purpose

UPS are a leader in all things relating to protein supplements and health and fitness. We know that you demand excellence from your body so we’re passionate about the supplements you put in it. Our protein supplements are manufactured with a complete focus on uncompromising the quality of the ingredients.

We know that quality protein in equals quality effort out and we are passionate about creating the purest quality proteins supplements possible. Products that we’re proud to use and proud to share with you. We have a range of whey protein isolates, premium protein blends, BCAAs, amino acids, thermogenics for fat loss and supplements to fit any active lifestyle. From bodybuilders to marathon runners, crossfitters to personal trainers or even busy mums; if you believe in the value of health, we are here to support you.

So recover quicker, build muscle faster and feel more energetic with the right protein supplements for you. Whether you’re after ready to drink protein shakes, branch chain amino acids, thermogenics, protein chocolate bars or a whole range of convenient, premium grade products that taste great and produce the results you’re after, our team at UPS are passionate about supporting you in all your health and fitness goals.